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Roman Lamps

The collection contains six ancient Roman lamps. One was donated to the Richmond College Museum in 1885 by Colonel J. L. M. Curry, Confederate soldier and congressman, U.S. Minister to Spain, Trustee of Richmond College, and an ardent collector. Another was donated to the Ancient World Gallery in 1980 from the estate of Mae Keller, the first dean of Westhampton College. In 2008, Gertrude Howland donated a Late Roman lamp which she had acquired while traveling in Jordan in 1963. The others probably come from the original collection of the Richmond College Museum, but their donors are unknown. From various time periods and locations, these objects have come together to form a small, but diverse collection of ancient Roman lamps that exemplify a variety of shapes, sizes, and decorations.

Read more on the oil lamp collection, or view details about each lamp below.

ur-6007 UR-6007 Roman ‘Vogelkopf’-style lamp, 1st Century B.C.E - 2nd Century A.D.
6008 UR-6008 Roman? (possibly the lamp described as ‘Nabataean from Petra in Jordan’ on old, typed inventory list), 1st Century C.E.
UR-6029 Roman?, 1st Century C.E. 
xx01 XX01 Roman , from Pompeii, 1st Century B.C.E. – 1st Century A.D. 
xx02 XX02 Late Roman?, 3rd – 5th century C.E.?
xx03 XX03 Roman?, from near Petra, Jordan, 3rd – 1st Century B.C.E. 

Research by Amy Nicholas, '11