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Scholarships and Awards

The following scholarships are awarded annually to majors in the Department of Classical Studies. The value of the awards vary from year to year; the most recent award amount is noted.

Amy Karr Kratz Scholarship
Established in 1986 by Katherine Sergeant Newby, WC'34, in honor of her aunt, Amy Karr Kratz, RC'12. The Kratz Scholarship is restricted to full-time students of Westhampton College who are Latin majors. The award is presented by the Alumni Association, upon recommendation of the Department of Classical Studies. For 2015-16, the award was $6,580.

Mary Selma Dunn Pierson Scholarship
Given by O.O. Pierson "in highest honor of and with beautiful memories of his dear and precious wife, Mary Selma Dunn Pierson, a graduate of and distinguished Latin teacher at Marshall University, class of 1928." The scholarship is open to all Latin majors and is awarded by the department of classical studies. For 2015–16, the award was $22,200. It may be divided if multiple candidates are identified.  

Pauline Turnbull Scholarship
Established in 1980 by Carolyn and Kenneth Shaver in memory of their aunt, Pauline Turnbull. Miss Turnbull came to Westhampton College in 1916 as assistant registrar and secretary to the dean, May L. Keller. She later became a professor of Latin and art history. This scholarship is restricted to Westhampton College students who are classical civilization, Latin, or Greek majors. It is awarded by the Alumni Association upon recommendation of the department of classical studies. For 2015-16, the award was $15,700. It may be divided if multiple candidates are identified.

Application Information
Applicants for any of the above scholarships must have declared the appropriate major prior to applying for the scholarship. First-year students who intend to declare majors are also eligible, but the major must be officially declared before any award can be made.

Application forms for the three scholarships can be obtained each spring from the department chair or the administrative coordinator.

Department Awards
Two awards are also given annually, if merit so dictates, to graduating seniors studying Latin and Greek. Those awards are:

  • The Mary Madison Bowen Award for Excellence in Latin
  • The Tanner Medal for Excellence in Greek