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Guided by your special interests, you will be able to undertake original research as a participant in the Major Seminar. Examples of recent research written by classical studies majors are:

  • "Riding to Kadesh: Chariots in a Late Bronze Age Battle"
  • "The Victorian Construction of Sappho: 1835-1914"
  • "Play and Politics in Ovid’s Ars Amatoria"
  • "Images of Christ in Late Antique and Early Christian Art"
  • "From Hercules to Superman: The Ancient History of Sequential Art"
  • "The Origin and Fate of Human Dissection in Ancient Alexandria"
  • "Empedocles: Darwin’s Ancient Predecessor"

Independent Study

Ancient Greece and Rome provide a world of topics to study in greater depth than is possible in a formal course. Classics faculty are committed to mentoring students who want to deepen their understanding of a particular topic that may have been covered only cursorily in a regular course.

Independent study projects are student designed programs, arranged with a faculty director in advance of the semester in which the work is to be done. Projects have included classifying artifacts in the Gallery of the Ancient World and doing inventory on the department's antiquities.

Research Fellowships

Independent study and summer research projects may be supported by undergraduate research grants or summer research fellowships offered by the School of Arts & Sciences.