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Egyptian Collection

In addition to the mummy and remarkable coffin of Ti Ameny Net, the Ancient World Gallery houses a limited but diverse collection of Egyptian artifacts. Several pieces of pottery, made from such materials as terracotta and alabaster, are on display alongside a limestone sphinx, a terracotta Ushabti (mummiform figure used as a funerary offering), plaster relief fragments, and a faience amulet.

Ti Ameny Net

Relief Fragment Relief fragments with offering scene
xx03 Coffin fragment with deceased before Osiris
xx03 Coffin fragment with Isis and Ra
xx03 Coffin fragment with text form the 'Book of the Dead'
xx03 Ushabti
xx03 Faience amulet
xx03 Limestone sphinx
xx03 Alabaster jar
xx03 Terracotta vase
xx03 Ostrich egg