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Aegean Collection

The Ancient World Gallery’s collection of artifacts from the Aegean is representative of numerous cultures and spans almost two thousand years. From an assortment of Mycenaean bronze objects to an Attic red-figure vase, the gallery exhibits a varied range of Helladic and Greek artifacts. Some of the other pottery styles represented include Cypriot, Corinthian, and South Italian. 

Besides the ancient artifacts in the collection, on display are also a number of excellent replicas of Minoan and Mycenaean pottery. Vassilis Politakis, the artist who created the replicas which are located in the Ancient World Gallery, lives and works in Heraklion, Crete, creating ceramic works in the technique of the Aegean Bronze Age potters and giving lectures at universities worldwide.

xx03 Bronze Age Dagger
xx03 Mycenaean Spear Points
xx03 Middle Cypriot Juglet
xx03 Cypro-Archaic Juglet
xx03 Corinthian Aryballos
xx03 South Italian Oinochoe
xx03 Late Classical Lekythos
xx03 Red Figure Askos
xx03 Miniature cup
xx03 Exaleiptron
xx03 Black-glazed saucer
xx03 Herakles Figurine