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Archaeology Minor


The Archaeology Minor

Note: The grade point average of the coursework comprising the minor must be no less than 2.00 with no course grade below C- (1.7)

Six units, including:

  • Two courses, chosen from:

  • Four additional courses, chosen from:

    • ANTH-101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

    • ANTH-279 Selected Topics in Anthropology (may be counted depending on the topic)

    • ANTH-290 Cultural Theory

    • KgzlhDgvx9SqCIEYWcUZ Archaeology of Death

    • ARTH-121 Survey I: Prehistory through the Middle Ages

    • cVgL6TumbeiQ0HKsrzbd Late Antique Art

    • ARTH-212 Medieval Art in Western Europe, 8th-15th Centuries

    • ARTH-309 Image and Icon in Medieval Art

    • ARTH-322 Seminar in Museum Studies

    • BIOL-199 Mesoamerican Ethnobotany

    • CLSC-212 Dining and Drinking in Classical Antiquity

    • CLSC-220 Introduction to Archaeology

    • CLSC-232 Daily Life in Roman Pompei 

    • CLSC-252 Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics

    • CLSC-301 Greek Art and Archaeology

    • CLSC-302 Roman Art and Archaeology

    • CLSC-320 Cultural Property: Archaeology, Ethics, and Law

    • CLSC-321 Archaeology of the Middle East

    • CLSC-398 Special Topics, depending on the subject and approval of the minor program coordinator

    • GEOG-260 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

    • GEOG-365 Advanced Spatial Analysis

Up to three units of archaeological field school transfer credit and/or study-abroad archaeology courses, with approval of the minor program coordinator, may apply to the archaeology minor. Up to two units of archaeologically-focused independent study (CLCV-498), with approval of the minor program coordinator may apply to the archaeology minor. Students are expected to fulfill all prerequisites necessary for courses within the minor. Prerequisites do not count toward the minor unless otherwise noted.